QINGDAO DESHUO AIXUE INDUSTRY CO.,LTD was founded in November 1999,located in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao. which is a professional trade company and manufacturer for apparel accessories ,focusing on the development and production of Trademarks, Hangtags, Paper Card, Printed Packing Box, Buttons, Stickers, Woven labels, Plastic products and handbag package products. Our company has the professional design and development team, high quality products, rich production experience and strong comprehensive services. Our products follow the eco-friendly standard strictly of the brand. All our products export to the different kinds of well-known brands in European and American area. Moreover, become theirs’ long-termed appointed label supplier of some. Our company is a professional modern enterprise which owned with all kinds of advanced equipment, and has numbers of senior marketing staff who are fluent in several languages.

Sincerity First, Quality first, Customer formost is the basic principle of our company. Meanwhile, it is the life of the enterprise, and the footstone of the company. Welcome to visit our company, we invite you to go forward hand in hand and create a brilliant future.

有趣有料 / 敢想敢拼 / 不止思考 / 不停创造

  • 1Business DevelopmentQINGDAO

    1. to develop annual performance estimates and improve <>sales work plans in accordance with the company's annual business plan to ensure that performance targets are met;

    2. Cooperate with European and American business, integrate company resources and develop customers and products effectively;

    3.According to the monthly, quarterly and yearly order receiving and sales data statistical reports, leading the analysis and discussion of customer order status and risk management;

    4.Dig deeper into customer dynamics and needs, collect market information, develop marketing strategies and consolidate customer relationships in order to promote revenue growth;

    5.Rational use of company resources to execute accurate and effective product development;

    6. tracking the production of orders, identifying problems in a timely manner and reporting them to the department head;

    7.To be responsible for the collation of sales information and to make regular reports to superiors;

    8.Provide background support for international business department and complete international business sales follow-up work.

    Job requirements:

    1.College degree or above, CET-4, international trade related majors;

    2.2-5 years or above work experience in accessories industry or garment foreign trade;

    3.Familiar with the trade order operation process and understand the relevant supply market;

    4.Strong customer maintenance ability, focus on team communication, negotiation ability, strong sense of responsibility.

  • 2Operations AssistantQINGDAO

    1. Fully follow the work arrangement of the foreign trade supervisor.

    2. Proficiency in using office software (Office & E-mail) to respond to customer enquiries quickly and accurately.

    3. Strong learning ability, can quickly grasp the company's core business and product characteristics.

    4. accurately analyse customer orders and product nature, and accurately place production orders to factories and follow up production progress.

    5. Follow up and feedback the order progress at any time, and maintain timely interaction & communication with customers.

    6. To be responsible for large goods inspection supervision / sampling, verification and ensure on-time quality and quantity delivery.

    7. Follow up with the customer to sign & accept the large goods into the warehouse, track the invoicing and payment remittance.

    Job requirements:

    1. tertiary education or above;

    2. 1 year or more experience in order follow up or related work is preferred; freshers are welcome to join us.

    3. familiar with factory & trade order operation process and understand the basic market situation of garment and textile market;

    4. skilled in computer office software operation;

    5. strong teamwork spirit and good customer communication skills.

    6. positive mindset, positive attitude, ideal, pursuit, strong sense of responsibility, sense of goal and strong execution.

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